Experimental Study

The Santa Fe Eye Protocol is an experimental treatment. It is not approved by Medicare or the FDA and is not covered by most insurance carriers.

It has been continuously modified to its current form in November 2010.  This 2010 version is currently the focus of a study. Dr. Lundgren has been granted Institutional Review Board Approval to report retroactive results on a series of patients with both wet and dry AMD who were treated with the Santa Fe Eye Protocol.

In this study, records requests will be made of patients’ treating ophthalmologists after release of records permission is gained. The information requested is the patient’s visual acuity immediately prior to treatment with the Santa Fe Eye Protocol, 2 years before treatment, immediately after treatment, and 3 years later.

This information should provide:

  1. Baseline rate of improvement/deterioration of visual acuity
  2. Independent measure of change in visual acuity as result of treatment with the Santa Fe Eye Protocol
  3. Data to calibrate/correlate with measurements made by Dr. Lundgren
  4. Independent evidence as to the durability of benefit from treatment with the Santa Fe Eye Protocol

The purpose of this study is to assemble a credible body of evidence to answer the questions the medical community has about whether the Santa Fe Eye Protocol helps improve vision, if so how much, and how durable is the improvement.

It is envisioned that there will be further studies in the future, other retinal conditions, and also to determine who is likely to respond exceptionally well and who is likely a non-responder, how well people respond to later treatments, etc, etc.

Updated: 1 August 2011